Foreword by lynika cruz
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" Ivan Radonic's journey from anxiety to ironman is a testament to anyone's ability to overcome adversity and challenges 
by winning the inner game. 
A must read inspiring book that will change lives. I loved it."
- Pam Brossman
Multiple #1 Selling Author, Speaker & Mentor
Join Ivan on This Amazing Journey...
And discover how he was able to go from bring anxiety ridden on the couch to completing a triathlon in just 5 weeks. You will discover how he changed to a vegan lifestyle and created an unshakable mind and body
The book is compilation of stories and strategies on how to recover from life's setbacks, conquer your fears and overcome limiting beliefs.
You will learn the same tools Ivan used to amplify and transform his life, ultimately seeing him achieve his goal of completing his first Ironman distance race in Roth Germany.
How To Get Started…
Chapter 1- Taking Decisive and Immediate Action, you will learn the importance of taking immediate action and the positive flow on effect. 

Once we have understood the importance of taking decisive and immediate and action, we will move on to Chapter 2- Creating Inner Harmony and Balance!

In this chapter, you will gain key insights on why time is sacred and the power of practicing gratitude and kindness each and every day.

Learn the 8 Keys and unlock your full potential!!!
"As you read through "From Anxiety To Ironman" I have no doubt you too will feel inspired, encouraged, supported and empowered to truly stand up and claim ownership of the ability to live your greatest life."
- Dr Lynika Cruz
Transformational Speaker and Best Best Selling Author
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'Motivational and inspirational! This is a must read for anyone looking to overcome anxiety and to find their "spiritual fire". So many helpful suggestions are put forward to guide the readers forwards.' 
Jojo B
'Anxiety to ironman provides inspiration to anyone who is currently experiencing anxiety, frustration and overwhelm, which truthfully is something we all have experienced at some point in our lives. As a high energy A type personality this book has inspired me to take a serious look at slowing down to avoid chronic fatigue. Easy to read with heaps of great insights and advice that when applied will transform lives.' 
'Amazing story, very inspiring - must read!.' 
Michelle B
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